May 29, 2012
Leather shorts in February

These pictures will definitely cool you down!

May 18, 2012
Leather shorts

Ready - steady - go! DIY project leather shorts! Actually I made these shorts in February and the photo shoot was also in February, but better late than never! So, a little teaser for you and soon the snowy photo shoot!

the process…

May 7, 2012
Red lips party

One of my friends held a birthday party yesterday and the ´dress code´ was red lips. Since I already had booked Sunday I left early and chose a casual outfit but didn´t forget about the lips. I definitely adore red lips - classy, mysterious, pretty, oh yes, they are!

The gorgeous lipstick I´m using is GOSH Lambada 60


April 14, 2012
Chain bracelets

I made these two wrapped chain bracelets to adorn my wrists since I´m very into different braided and chained bracelets lately. It´s really easy and doesn´t require any special skills. 

A few pictures of the process:

The rope you´re going to use should be twice as long as the chain. 

1. Make a knot from the rope, thread or whatever you are using in the middle of the first link of the chain.

2. Keep one of the threads next to the chain.

3. Thread the rope that´s not next to the chain through each link of the chain.